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Zuckerberg Base Salary Now Only $1

Zuckerberg who is the CEO of Facebook will now be taking only 1 dollar for his salary. He is one of the richest man on earth and falls in top 50 wealthiest mans list. His total assets are beleived to be around 30 billion which are increasing at a fast rate. Other Silicon valley CEO have also been doing this for a while and there are many names now which work for one 1 dollar.

Facebook now a days is working on a project which will connect the world by giving internet to every body . The most out of range areas will be even provided internet with the help of drones and lasers according to the latest news.


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Snapchat Rejected 3 Billion Cash From FaceBook

Snapchat have recently Rejected 3 Billion Cash From FaceBook but people are wondering that how could such a small company reject this huge cash offer. Some people do argue that being a small company with a very young CEO does not know the value of 3 billion dollar.

Snapchat have many users which are pretty active but still it have many competitors and is not alone in providing such a service. If SnapChat have not accepted this deal now than how much is money is this start up looking for to be acquired by a giant. Some experts say that the Snapchat service is pretty sticky and once user use it it tends to use it again and again and this service may become more and more popular until some where acquires it on a much higher price than $3 billion.


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